Friday, September 30, 2005

Cambridge Podcast Episode 12 - 30th September

We Promised a new show before the end of the week and by hell! We Delivered! Matt Richardson and Mike Rundle present episode 12 of the podcast, in which we all learn a little something about “boranges” and “bouvanouvens”, and we play some ace music too.


1. Tern – Standard
2. Phonophobic – Silhouette
3. Midnight Crazies – Crack Up
4. Sunday Driver – Valentine
5. The Burn – Under Your Spell
6. Ladytron – Hey Playgirl

Email Mike – mcr34 at cam dot ac dot uk Email Matt – mjr74 at cam dot ac dot uk Send Us Music!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

In what must be a record time response to the below comment, expect a new show this week and from then on 8 weeks of pure, molten, (regular) cambridge podcasting. Having been away from town, in Spain, Scotland and Mars, podcasting has obviously taken a back seat.

However, my return to town, my new room and new imac - plus the fact that Cambridge will have about 1500 eager new Fresh podcast audience members flocking into their college rooms next week, it now makes sense to carry out the long awaited relaunch.

Anyways, in the next few days look to the skies - and expect news on new and different podcasts coming out of Cambridge too.

Thanks for the comments though, hope the new shows don't disappoint.