Thursday, April 28, 2005

Here we go... PODCAST 9

Download the New Cambridge Music Podcast (show 9) Here!

1. Right Turn Clyde - TCB
From the Cambridgebands.Com cd! Check out the website for a chance to buy (and see live, learn about and generally appreciate) the best of the best of the best of cambridge music...

2. Alex Harris - Six Weeks
Playing at the new Cambridge Podcast Live Event "(Katie Taylor) teaches the Indie Kids to Dance", Monday 9th May 8.30pm Trinity College Cambridge - for all out of uni-student-people email me to get on the super-exclusive super-secret guestlist...

3. Solar State - Colorcode Disaster
Sorry for the name mix up whilst recording...

4. Logan - Truckerbird
Also on the cd...

5. Nueronnest - Folk Tale
Thanks for the Email!

For more info on the bands and tracks played, or to submit music, email me (mike) at
themichaelrundle at gmail dot com


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