Thursday, March 10, 2005

Episode 8 - 10.03.05

(37 mins) Brand New Show featuring Badwell Ash (hooray), the Raiders of Rock and Roll, Mette Sutton, David Grange, Queen Adrenaline and two tracks from the Vapour Trail set i forgot to play in full the other day...

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As metioned in the show, thanks to everyone that came down to "teaching the indie kids to dance - podcast live" - it was a great day. and thanks to the bands and to katie taylor for organising it and sorting it all out. awesome.


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I'm enjoying this episode and will mention it at Iddybud today.

Thanks, Mike and Katie Taylor and
the whole gang. I wish you great success.

10:03 AM

Yeah, been listening to the different podcasts for a while. Cambridges music is good, sound quality a bit wierd. Dont like the in between song bits. Maybe get a different DJ, or two like York!

1:07 PM

Why do you only play indie, surely there is other music out there than indie. If you are just playing indie you should not claim to expose cambridge unsigned acts. You are selective, unlike the other podcasts.

2:23 PM

well basically we play everything we get sent, so if you send us more stuff, then we will play it... its really as simple as that. in some way every podcast/radio show is selective - but only if someone sends 3 tracks and we pick one to play. otherwise we arent selective, playing a track from every artist who asks us to.

glad people are enjoying the show,

cheers, m.rundle

8:25 AM

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