Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hello, and Hello, and Hello

hi everyone. sorry for a lack of updates this week - i've been ill, things have been crazy - and you all had a lot of music to catch up on! luckily, though, i have a new show almost ready to go out to you all, with live sets from Jos Betts (nicanor nicanor) and the vapour trail, and tracks from a few old favourites as well as the SCA Battle of the Bands Champions Emunah and a couple of others. Should be awesome, and up tomorow sometime. Cheers.

Oh, and something to announce! The PODCAST LIVE MUSIC EVENT will be taking place next monday at Trinity College, at 8.30 pm! I expect to see you all there - we will be placing tents, cushions, candles, tables, coffee, beer, fun and most importantly 5 PODCAST FEATURED BANDS into the WPR ROOM of college. Featureing BADWELL ASH, DAVES COUSINS BAND, THE VAPOUR TRAIL, JOS BETTS and others to be confirmed, it promises to be an incredible night. So get down to "Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance" and show your support for the Cambridge Independent Podcast!


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