Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Download Show 2

"Awesome Rides Again"
Here it is! The
second ever cambridge podcast. (43mins) With music from LiveWire, Tern, 1MileHigh and Neon Love, with a very special live session from Dave's Cousin's Band and an appearance by a mr adam curry...
Email mcr34@cam.ac.uk for imput, submissions, comments, help or just to say "awesome".

cam.ac.uk addresses (ie uni people) download the show here!
everyone else download the show here!


Blogger Jason said...
Blogger Theresa Twogood said...

LOVED IT! Only one request from a fellow podcaster and listener. Any way to bump up the bitrate just a touch?

Hey, sorry I haven't replied to your email...been bogged down in a flood of email and band submissions, but I still am interested in getting some of your bands on Insomnia Radio as well...

Stay tuned, and keep up the great podcasting!

11:36 AM

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