Monday, February 28, 2005

Episode 7 - 28.02.05

(42mins) A Brand New Cambridge Music Podcast, featuring tracks from SCA Battle of the Bands winners Emunah, Colonel Bastard and The Riptons, plus four tracks from a live session with Jos Betts (nicanor nicanor) and 3 (sorry, two, bugger) tracks from a session with the Vapour Trail AND news about the podcast live event next monday...

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hello, and Hello, and Hello

hi everyone. sorry for a lack of updates this week - i've been ill, things have been crazy - and you all had a lot of music to catch up on! luckily, though, i have a new show almost ready to go out to you all, with live sets from Jos Betts (nicanor nicanor) and the vapour trail, and tracks from a few old favourites as well as the SCA Battle of the Bands Champions Emunah and a couple of others. Should be awesome, and up tomorow sometime. Cheers.

Oh, and something to announce! The PODCAST LIVE MUSIC EVENT will be taking place next monday at Trinity College, at 8.30 pm! I expect to see you all there - we will be placing tents, cushions, candles, tables, coffee, beer, fun and most importantly 5 PODCAST FEATURED BANDS into the WPR ROOM of college. Featureing BADWELL ASH, DAVES COUSINS BAND, THE VAPOUR TRAIL, JOS BETTS and others to be confirmed, it promises to be an incredible night. So get down to "Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance" and show your support for the Cambridge Independent Podcast!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Episode 6 - 19.02.05

(28mins) As promised, a new show tonight featuring 5 incredible tracks from The Modal Monks, The Furious Sleep, Second Hand Baby, Bouvier and Nicanor Nicanor. By the way, note that the band featured live in last weeks podcast "Players4Minstrels" are actually called Playing4Minstrels. Sorry guys. A speical edition live directors cut of the 3 sessions done so far will go up soon. For now, well, take care and see you at the battle of the bands in an hour....

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Notes From the Beach

To keep you updated: a 5 or 6 track regular show should be up sometime today, featuring loads of cool stuff i havent had time to play so far. Tomorow we are recording a set with the Vapour Trail, and hopefully recording the Trinity Hall Open Mic (monday, 8pm) to play on a new show for tuesday. Come down and say hello! Also - sca battle of the bands tonight (see indiesoc website) - and thanks to everyone at kings and newnham that didnt boo me offstage :) - to those that tried. hah. better luck next time.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Episode 5 - 14.02.05

New podcast time! A mammoth Valentines Day edition of the show today, at a full 48 minutes of great music. Stuff from The Mono Effect, IsDoes, Jatiko and two tracks from Nicanor Nicanor, plus two live tracks each from Players4Minstrels and Phil and Kev. Apologies to those who didnt make it onto this nine-track behemoth, I'll play everything I promised to on the next show.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Few Things

Hey everyone. There will be a new show coming out either tonight or tomorrow. I have so much stuff to play but I don't want to overload people with music. I already get the feeling that some of you have a back-log of shows still to listen to. On another note, tune into CUR1350 at 12 tonight to hear yours truly guest on one of that stations shows, spin some tunes - and show them why we rock. Look out kids, the revolution is coming.

Friday, February 11, 2005

York Podcast 1

Good news! The first ever podcast from York is out now! Go Here To Download!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Episode 4 - 10.02.05

New podcast time! Featuring great stuff from Anodyne, Alex Harris, The Captains of Industry, Neonlove, Tern and two new tracks from The Cathode Ray Experiment. Expect a new show on Sunday with new tracks from the Furious Sleep, plus two exciting live sets from Players4Minstrels and the excitingly named Phil and Kev (who are actually really good.)

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Usa Today

Check out this! . plus - its 2000 hits time everybody. roughly 650 downloads... how popular does that make us compared to other ways of hearing music in cambridge? who knows. but we arent doing badly, i know that much... cool. new show later tonight.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Download Show 3

Here it is! The all-new harmonica-intro third cambridge podcast. (33mins/15mb) With music from MoeFoe, Alex Harris, Logan, Alex Chin, Chet and the Penguins and I cant believe its the Rasmus Holmen Experience...and a conspicuous harmonica solo. Expect "part two" of this show on Tuesday. Email for imput, submissions and comments. Right, I'm off to watch the Patriots kick Phili (superbowl time). addresses (ie uni people) download the show here!
everyone else download the show here!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

due to an unprecedented number of submissions expect a 5 or 6 track show sometime tomorow, along with an updated website. show 4 should still come early next week, but id like to split these shows up so there isnt an overload of music all at once.

secondly, i want your ideas on how to make this better. send me or comment below on things you would like to see happen with your podcast.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

new website design everybody. took so much more effort than it looks.. and the song 'take' by badwell ash, featured in the first podcast, was played in full to 50,000 people on adam curry's daily source code today. thats amazing. plus as well as yorkpodcast we now have liverpoolpodcast! rock on.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Download Show 2

"Awesome Rides Again"
Here it is! The
second ever cambridge podcast. (43mins) With music from LiveWire, Tern, 1MileHigh and Neon Love, with a very special live session from Dave's Cousin's Band and an appearance by a mr adam curry...
Email for imput, submissions, comments, help or just to say "awesome". addresses (ie uni people) download the show here!
everyone else download the show here!