Monday, January 24, 2005

How are we different to CUR1350?

Thanks for the submissions already coming in everyone! The first show is taking shape nicely.

A question has come up from somebody that i think is worth addressing. The question is...

"Why is this show different to or an improvement on CUR1350?"

Firstly, the benefits of podcasting as compared to CUR1350 are principally to do with distribution and how people will listen to the show. With CUR you either have to be physically at a radio or computer to hear it. With a podcast you can take the show with you wherever you like, listen as many times as you like and pause, rewind, skip - all things you cant do so easily with regular radio.

Even more than this, this idea improves on CUR1350 because we are not dominated by a schedule. We can play 3 songs or 20 - it doesnt matter because we dont have to fill up or cut down to a certain amount of airtime. Plus we can play literally anything - especially music that people wouldnt want to send to CUR because they feel it isnt "polished" enough. We can also do special shows whenever we feel - say for a live session - and not have to wait till next weeks show to play it. Finally we can archive the shows and allow people to download them whenever they want - weeks after the show is originally broadcast.

Thats just some of the benefits of podcasting - benefits that you dont need an ipod to take advantage of. If you do have an ipod or iriver or whatever, of course, you can also wander around town listening to the show whenever you like. And thats just marvellous. And something CUR1350 doesnt have.

Of course, CUR does a great service and has a massive amount of listeners - and we arent trying to take them away. Traditional radio still has a lot of life in it - but podcasting can do things radio simply cant do. So there is room for both of us - and a different role for each medium to play.

This is just the cooler one of the two :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u want an ipod, you can go to and do an offer. follow the instructions and they'll actually send you a freeipod, no joke, there's reviews all over the internet

2:48 AM

great article, except for the fact that CUR1350 actually offers a listen again archive of ALL of it's shows.

Kinda flattens your argument, whilst kicking the ass out of your one-a-month recordings.

7:47 AM

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