Thursday, January 27, 2005

Download Show One!

Chapter 1: "A New Hope"

Ok. This is quite important. There are two ways to download here.

If you are on a Cambridge University Computer (in your room with a address)
Use This Address (Right Click-Save As)

If you are on a non-university computer (ie not inside Cambridge University)
Use This Address. (Right Click-Save As)

Here is the link for the shownotes.

just to keep you updated on some silly numbers. We have now had over 500 hits, at least 290 unique visitors - at a low estimate about 210 listeners. we have had people visiting from the uk, united states, brazil, germany, denmark, austria and japan.. and portugal!

As some of you may know, there were some problems earlier today with downloads, but thats all sorted - if you follow the above directions.

Check out 'A Man Who Thinks In Song for Our New Advert - and other nonesense about who i am and why i did this. And pretty pictures, too.


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