Monday, January 31, 2005

Amazing News!

Just to let you know - yesterday i sent an email to Adam Curry, who co-invented the concept of podcasting, letting him know about the cambridge podcast and what we are trying to do. Adam's show "the daily source code" is the most popular podcast in the world - it goes out thousands of people. And he not only mentioned our show but gave all the links and agreed to play some of your music on the Daily Source Code! How awesome! AWESOME!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Notes, Stats and Rumbling

Hi Everybody,
Thanks to all our new visitors (and the tcsu email) we have reached over 740 hits and an estimated 250 listens. Thats awesome, but it could be better, so i need you all to email your respective college email lists and get the word out. Also, York University is following the trend and is setting up its own podcast - at - and there are rumblings in Durham and Liverpool.. so we have to get more music sent in than them! So send me your stuff.
And visit for updates.
Finally stay tuned to hear an "awesome" live set from Dave's Cousins Band, recorded earlier today. New Podcast on Tuedsday Everybody.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Download Show One!

Chapter 1: "A New Hope"

Ok. This is quite important. There are two ways to download here.

If you are on a Cambridge University Computer (in your room with a address)
Use This Address (Right Click-Save As)

If you are on a non-university computer (ie not inside Cambridge University)
Use This Address. (Right Click-Save As)

Here is the link for the shownotes.

just to keep you updated on some silly numbers. We have now had over 500 hits, at least 290 unique visitors - at a low estimate about 210 listeners. we have had people visiting from the uk, united states, brazil, germany, denmark, austria and japan.. and portugal!

As some of you may know, there were some problems earlier today with downloads, but thats all sorted - if you follow the above directions.

Check out 'A Man Who Thinks In Song for Our New Advert - and other nonesense about who i am and why i did this. And pretty pictures, too.

From Rundle Studios...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

hi to everyone who is visiting here for the first time! just to keep you updated, ive got the first show pretty much sorted, including a rousing theme tune, and ill hope to put that out by tomorow. i think it will be a great show - and hopefully you will agree. keep sending me music - i will put out a second show as soon as possible.

to those that have downloaded ipodder, the XML button to the right is the feed you want to use to get automatic downloads working.

fianlly, i might post later to respond to some questions/queries about this podcast and just what it is im trying to do.. there is a good discussion of indie music in cam going on at - so point your clicker to the forum there if you feel the need.

updates soon

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

thanks so far to Dave's Cousin's Band, metal marcel, the heroes of the revolution, the vapour trail Jeremey Warmsley and IsDoes!

Monday, January 24, 2005

How are we different to CUR1350?

Thanks for the submissions already coming in everyone! The first show is taking shape nicely.

A question has come up from somebody that i think is worth addressing. The question is...

"Why is this show different to or an improvement on CUR1350?"

Firstly, the benefits of podcasting as compared to CUR1350 are principally to do with distribution and how people will listen to the show. With CUR you either have to be physically at a radio or computer to hear it. With a podcast you can take the show with you wherever you like, listen as many times as you like and pause, rewind, skip - all things you cant do so easily with regular radio.

Even more than this, this idea improves on CUR1350 because we are not dominated by a schedule. We can play 3 songs or 20 - it doesnt matter because we dont have to fill up or cut down to a certain amount of airtime. Plus we can play literally anything - especially music that people wouldnt want to send to CUR because they feel it isnt "polished" enough. We can also do special shows whenever we feel - say for a live session - and not have to wait till next weeks show to play it. Finally we can archive the shows and allow people to download them whenever they want - weeks after the show is originally broadcast.

Thats just some of the benefits of podcasting - benefits that you dont need an ipod to take advantage of. If you do have an ipod or iriver or whatever, of course, you can also wander around town listening to the show whenever you like. And thats just marvellous. And something CUR1350 doesnt have.

Of course, CUR does a great service and has a massive amount of listeners - and we arent trying to take them away. Traditional radio still has a lot of life in it - but podcasting can do things radio simply cant do. So there is room for both of us - and a different role for each medium to play.

This is just the cooler one of the two :)

A Few Things

Welcome To Everyone who has noticed this idea and is interested. I am hoping to get the first broadcast up here by the end of the week, and a more permanent site, RSS feed and everything else by the end of the weekend. This is a temporary home for what i think could be a brilliant way to help music in Cambridge. I hope you enjoy the results.

Below is a manifesto about what we are trying to do with this, in case you haven't seen the full text.

And if your interested in finding out what podcasting is - and maybe starting your own, check Its ace.

Cheers, Mike

The Cambridge Podcast - An Open Letter

'An open letter on Independant Music in Cambridge'

Dear Cambridge musicians, independant-music lovers and talented people,

I - like you - know that there is a massive amount of musical talent in this little city of ours. There is also a massive amount of people that want to hear each others music. But the mechanism isnt in place to make the most of it. Open Mics happen all the time, CUR1350 plays local music and bands are formed in every college by everyone with a guitar and a mate who plays drums. Just recently we've seen indie soc putting in time and money to help out charity and independant music through the indie soc cd. And this is brilliant. But whilst these things mean that some of the music talent in this city is being heard, it still seems that the vast majority is not. And even when the music is heard I think it could be heard a great deal louder. And thats a crying shame - but there is something we can do. I think there is a solution.

I, like so many on this list, am part of a band in Cambridge. I write my own stuff, I record it and I would desperately love people to hear it - and we all love music and think it would be amazing to hear what people are doing.
As members of this list you already know that there are a lot of people in Cambridge doing a lot of work for independant music. But i think there is room for more - as of yet there is no central, easy, free way to hear independant music made in the city.

So shall we make one?

The solution is a 'podcast'. An mp3 broadcast, that would be released onto the internet every week and would contain the best of home-grown independant music in Cambridge. Podcasting is the new way to broadcast music, without relying on old-style radio waves and commercial stations. The shows are recorded onto hard-drive and uploaded straight to the net, free for anyone to download. There is no need to pay adverstisers, hire equipment or fit a show into an hour and hope people are by a radio to hear it.

Podcasting is revolutionising radio, and will revolutionise independant music in Cambridge. Shows would be free and could last as long as the content allowed - there is no need for advertising, no need to cut links down to "sound bites". We could give real information - interviews and live sets couild be recorded and played in full. And if you were bored by what you heard, you could just skip it - because its not live radio. Using a program like "IPodder" ( the show would automatically arrive on your computer every time it was released. Then you could walk around town listening to it on your white bud-earphones and your non-branded mp3 player. And then you would look awesome.

Podcasting is a brilliant way to get peoples music heard, get bands noticed and amp our sadly-under nourished gig scene. All we need is the support of musicians and listeners. Send us music you have made and want us to play. We will play it. Make a commitment to at least try and listen to the show. This is an open call to musicians of any kind (jazz, indie, rock, punk, comedy, acoustic, country, metal, country-metal, whatever) to send material for inclusion into Cambridge's first ever mp3 broadcast made up purely of cambridge talent. I know the talent is out there - and so is the hunger to hear new bands - so lets do it. Lets make something happen, send your stuff, listen and tell me what you think. It's as simple as that - and together we can make the music scene in this city really something to be proud of.

Cambridge isnt just full of talent. We are carrying it around in massive buckets. Talent is spilling over the metaphorical edge, but no one is using the metaphorical mop to soak it up before it runs off into the drain. So instead of letting me rant on with kitchen-utensil metaphors, send me your music. Let's get this going. Let's change independant music in Cambridge forever.

I await your collective approval,


mike rundle, trinity college,"